How to Wash Your Wig

  • (1)Gently brush the wig to remove teasing or tangling with a wide tooth comb. When brushing, start at the ends and work your way to the roots.
  • (2)Fill a basin with cool water with synthetic wig shampoo. Never use hot water.
  • (3)Soak your wig for 3-5 minutes, Gently swirl without rubbing.
  • (4)Remove your wig from the basin, and thoroughly rinse in cool water.
  • (5)Gently squeeze excess water and towel blot hair. Never twist or wring your wig.
  • (6)Place on a folding wig stand, spray with leave-in conditioner, and allow to air dry.
  • (7)When the wig is completely dry, it is ready to style. Never style a wet wig.
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