Tight Spiral Curl 100% Indian Remy Hair Silk Top Lace Front Wig

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Silk Top Lace Front Wigs
100% Indian Remy Hair
Natural Healthy
Natural Color
Natural Looking

SKU: AF0334

Hair Style: Tight Spiral Curl


  • Natural Color


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Human Hair Type:
Selected 100% Indian Remy Hair
Cap Structure:
4”*4” Silk Top Lace Front Wig, with 4 combs and Adjustable Strap
Hair Texture:
Tight Spiral Curl
Hair Style:
Free Style, Free Parting
Baby Hair:
Fine Natural-looking Baby Hair
Hair Hairline:
Natural Hairline
Hair Density:
120% Medium Density
Hair Color:
Natural Color
Hair Length:
Available From 12" to 18"
Fine natural baby hair
Fine thin knots, bleached,

We are offering general medium size for lace front wigs. However since it's using stretch lace and adjustment belt at back, it fits most people with circumference size from 21.5” to 23.5” and nape size from 13.5” to 15.5”.

1. Pin hair as flat and as tight as possible before taking the measurements.
2. Round your measurements up not down. Example: 12 3/4 should be rounded up to 13 and 12
1/4 should be rounded up to 12 1/2.
Note: If you are bald or do not have a hairline - you do not need to add the inch - simply put the tape measure where you would like your hairline to begin with the wig.
The averages below are just examples. Not everyone will meet these measurements - some may be under or over and that is perfectly fine.

1.Normally our length is about 4inch longer than many other companies.
Because for VOHAIR.com, the wig length is measuring from NAPE. While for
many other hair companies, their wig length is measuring from top, not from
nape. This makes about 4inch difference.

Hair Length of other companies is measuring from top
Hair Length of VOHAIR is measuring from nape

2.For same hair length in different style, the hair length would look different. So hair of
tighter curl/wave would look shorter.


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  • Quality
    Will be buy again
    Review by Helen Hall / (Posted on 8/15/2016)
    I was extremely impressed with these them.I'm looking forward to buying more wigs.
  • Delivery
    Hi, I'm in a Grade 1
    Review by Atuko / (Posted on 2/28/2016)
    Hi, I'm in a Grade 12 Human Growth and Development class, I'm doing a literature rveiew and comparing journal articles. I chose the topic of Nature Vs. Nurture and I narrowed my topic down to Nurture In Child Development What is a good general statement I can write for my introduction about this topic? Please help me out! Thanks I cannot use personal pronouns or my own opinions because it is a literature rveiew.