Six Common Curling Iron Mistakes Everyone Makes --- from professional stylists


Before you can become a pro, however, it's helpful to be aware of what you shouldn't do during the curling process. This way you can avoid making mistakes and be on a faster track to styling success.

1. Using Hairspray Before You Curl

Sure, it may seem like adding a few spritzes of hairspray prior to curling would help hold your style better. BUT it would likely damage your strands in the meantime.

2. Using an Old Curling Iron

Wands and irons that are past their prime won't be as effective. The iron might feel hot, but it may not be heating the hair correctly anymore, which will likely cause you to go over each section too many times and burn the hair.

3. Holding the Curl on the Iron for Too Long

If your goal is to get super-tight ringlets, then, by all means, hold the curl until it becomes a tiny cue. But if you're looking to create timeless beach waves or loose curls, you should avoid holding the curl on the iron for too long. We recommend that you should run the curling iron through your hair section by section for only three to five seconds and then release. If you don't release fast enough and hold the iron for any longer than that, your curls will be much tighter

4. Curling From the Ends Up

Here's one reliable tip: Always curl from the roots, down. The ends of your hair are more delicate and don't need nearly as much heat to curl. You should always start from the top, working your way downward, for best results. Leaving your ends last will cut down on damage, and give the overall style a more natural-looking vibe.

5. Playing With Your Curls Mid-Process

The curls won't hold up as well if you do this — especially if your hair doesn't like to hold a curl. Do not even think about brushing or touching those curls until the very end when they have cooled down and the whole head is done. Once they've cooled down and set themselves is when you can use your fingers or a comb to tweak them to how you want them to be.

6. Using the Wrong Sized Iron

Want big waves or voluminous curls? It doesn't necessarily mean you need a bigger iron to achieve it. Using a smaller, longer iron allows you to get a more defined wave. As a general rule, use a smaller size curling iron than the curl you want because the curl will end up being two to three times the size of the iron.


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