What are facial makeup techniques?

Face makeup the right steps are as follows:
① basic care: cleansing - Toner - Body Lotion:
When it comes to make-up, the first of course is to clean the face, of course, if there is black, it is recommended to go first black, so stickers Oh. After washing the surface, give yourself the most suitable for their own, the most replenishment of the toner and body lotion.

② basic primer: makeup before the milk - Cream
In the basic rendering of the stage, it is recommended that you choose a thick texture, more emollient makeup before the milk, whether it is dry skin or skin oil MM are so, so that makeup can be more paste and not floating powder.

③ looking finish: liquid foundation - powder - loose powder or powder:
Liquid foundation is mainly to reconcile the color, the first use of liquid foundation and then make the makeup can not be so thick, when the powder does not need the whole face is coated with powder, only need to reconcile the color of the site on some Yes, after the liquid foundation with powder, we can use powder or loose powder Dingzhuang.

④ eye: eye shadow - eyeliner - eyelashes
Make-up in the eye area, eye first on the eye shadow, eye shadow on the eye will be drawn after gently. Eyes finished in the painting, the eye makeup is basically completed.

The last step left is the eyelash treatment:
If you need to apply false eyelashes, this step is sufficient, if you need to paste false eyelashes, after the completion of the above steps, the false eyelashes, eyelashes, eyelashes, eyelashes, Trim, paste, and then the mascara to true and false eyelashes brush twice, eye makeup to be done.

⑤ high light, shadow, thrush, blush, lipstick:
High light and shadow processing is mainly T zone and U area, there are related tutorial online, here is not 11 introduced, and then on the blush, here to note that blush from the sun to the apple muscle direction sweep , And not vice versa.

Eyebrow part of the eyebrow to choose for their own, if you already Nongmeidayan, personal recommendations do not need thrush, or brown eyebrow powder to reconcile.

Lip makeup is actually very simple, if you are the pursuit of exquisite makeup, lip balm should start with, and then painted lip line, and then on the lipstick, lip gloss on it.


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