What kind of hair count healthy hair?

① hair clean
Cleansing is the primary prerequisite for healthy hair. Clean hair should not have dirt and dandruff.
If the hair with certain diseases, such as tinea capitis, seborrheic dermatitis, etc., will produce a large number of scales, so that the hair looks dirty, even the hair itself is also affected, the break or fall off.

② flexible
Hair soft, elastic good, is also necessary for healthy hair.
Healthy hair in the wet case of traction, you can increase the length of 30%, after drying back to its original length.
Flexible hair to resist external forces, to maintain the shape and length of the hair has an important role in the same, even the hair twist, its good flexibility can still make the hair completely restored to its original state without damage.
Perm, hair, sunlight and artificial ultraviolet rays can damage the hair of the keratin structure, thus affecting its elasticity.

③ hair without disease
First of all, no abnormal hair, such as the hair surface is not eroded, the hair is not twisted, curled, tangled, bifurcation, longitudinal crack, cone fracture and so on.
Second, can not have pathological hair loss. In other words, the number of hair loss every day can not exceed the normal metabolism of 50-100 root, but not a variety of alopecia, can not have early gray hair or hair color and other common hair diseases.

④ hair color shine
Hair shine shows adequate nutrition and vitality.
If the hair is eroded, hair skin damaged, cracked, resulting in hair shaft is not smooth, the hair is easy to stained with dust, gloss will be affected.

⑤ neutral hair
Neutral hair is the ideal type of hair, hair is neither greasy nor dry. Dry, oily hair have obvious shortcomings, need special care.

⑥ moderate thickness
Fitness hair should not be too thick, it should not be too small, in particular, pay attention to hair root symmetry. On the age, the hair from the coarse thinner, more susceptible to seborrheic alopecia.

⑦ smooth surface
The hair surface of the hair skin if not damaged, the surface is naturally smooth, not tangled, combing the hair will be very easy.


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